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Unlocking Leadership Potential with a 360-Tool: Case Study and Insights

The journey toward self-awareness plays a pivotal role in shaping leaders.

In this case study, we delve into the transformative experience of an emerging leader who, armed with a 360 tool, not only enhanced their self-awareness but also catalyzed profound changes in their leadership style.

In this article, we will also share recommendations and ideas about when not using a 360 tool and what alternatives options you may design to help your coachees get feedback.

🚀 Executive Coaching with a 360 Tool: A Case Study in Transformation

🎯 Objectives: Navigating the Path to Self-Discovery

Our coaching journey aimed at achieving three key objectives:

Behavioral Awareness: Fostering an understanding of the leader's behavior within their team. ✅ Identifying Limiting Beliefs: Uncovering self-limiting beliefs and blind spots through the perspectives of others.

Action Plan Development: Crafting a clear and realistic action plan for sustainable behavioral change.

🌍 The Outcomes: A Leader Transformed

The coachee's journey yielded remarkable outcomes:

Identified Dimensions: Recognized the need to work on dimensions related to empowerment and energizing. Acknowledged that being overly critical and perfectionist hindered team members from taking initiatives, impacting team morale.

Implemented Changes: Took actionable steps, such as quality time, informal discussions, and team lunches, to rebuild connections with the team. Realized that a results-driven approach had strained relationships and worked to regain trust.

🌟 Insights: The road to self-awareness is fraught with challenges

We want to emphasize that a 360 debrief might be shaking for the coachee. Based on our experience, we have gathered for you 3 key recommendations:

1️⃣ A strong coach-coachee alliance is essential, as studies show that individuals accept negative feedback they are aware of but become defensive when discovering it. The art of coaching lies in guiding the coachee through a true self-discovery process, even when faced with harsh perspectives from others. Psychological Safety is a vital component of this journey.

2️⃣ a 360 debrief brings a LOT of information. It is essential to help coachees select their main areas of development in line with their coaching objectives and from there craft a concrete action plan.

All dimensions explored in a 360 do NOT need to be improved. A sequential approach needs to be imagined to create room for growth for coachees. As a coach, you are not aiming to guide your coachee towards an ideal perfection but towards their best version of themselves in their role.

3️⃣ To us, onboarding is not the best timing for a 360. When coachees are new in their role, not only their observers don't have an updated perspective of them in their new role, but also coachees are already in a challenging period. If a 360 seems to be necessary, we recommend to wait until coachees have really on boarded, or to explore alternative options to get feedback.

4️⃣ If not a 360, what else?

Though not as complete as a 360, you may implement 1:1 interviews between the coach and a selected bunch of observers. An then analyzing all feedback and debriefing your coachee anonymously.

How to build this interview? it is essential to design a questionnaire in line with the coaching objectives. As an example, we recently interviewed 3 senior leaders about the influencing skills of one of their organisation's talents, who was aiming to develop her leadership presence.We built a 5-question semi-guided interview and led a 30mn-discussion.

We have also inteviewed COMEX members about one of their regional leaders who was groomed as a future COMEX member. Our questions were targeted on how the COMEX perceived his strategic skills and on how he could develop them even further.

Feedback is a gift. Having your coachee listen to them is a journey that needs preparation, psychological safety and choosing the right moment.

Giving a feedback is a gift.
Feedback is a gift

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