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Fostering cultural adoption to enhance employees' engagement

Achieving cultural transformation is a challenge that demands a multifaceted approach.

We recently had the privilege of guiding an international mid-sized company on a year-long journey towards elevating its employee engagement rate through a comprehensive cultural transformation program.

Here, we take you through the key elements of our approach and the valuable insights gained during this transformative process.


A Partnership For Change At the heart of this endeavour was a long term partnership with our client. We founded our program on four pillars: DesignThinking, Coaching, Teamwork, and ActionPlanning.


Objectives of the Program:

A solid appropriation of the idea of corporate culture

We built our programme with 4 core objectives

  • Refining Culture for APAC: We aimed to help regional leaders in the company internalize the culture within the specific context of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

  • Concrete Action Plans: Our team worked closely with leaders to develop actionable plans for spreading the redefined culture across APAC.

  • Empowering Change Agents: Regional leaders were equipped with the necessary skills to become change agents who would champion the new culture.

  • Fostering Shared Objectives: A collective focus on a shared objective was cultivated to ensure everyone was aligned in the transformation journey.


Our Three-Step Approach: The GROW Model To tackle this ambitious transformation, we utilized a three-step approach based on the GROW model:

  1. Interviewing and Understanding: We initiated the process by conducting interviews with the leaders. These conversations provided insights into their perspectives on the company's existing culture in the APAC region and helped us unveil the different interpretations of what their corporate culture meant to each leader

  2. Refining the Vision: Leveraging existing models and frameworks, we collaborated with the leaders to refine the culture they aspired to instill in their region. We helped them step back to align on shared ideas.

  3. Actionable Plans: Our team supported the leaders in bridging the gap between their vision and execution by crafting concrete action plans. This step was instrumental in turning ideas into reality. Furthermore, it brought fuel into the journey as the leaders needed to be concrete after their time into relfection and discussion.

Nurturing Skills and Mindsets We recognised that any cultural transformation hinges on the development of the right skills and mindsets. To address this, we have planned to:

  • Equip Leaders: Our program includes the provision of Leadership Tools that would sustain the cultural transformation over the long term.

  • Continue Strengthening Bonds: We believe in the power of enhancing the bonds within the leadership team, and of creating a dedicated Support System committed to the expansion of the new culture.


Challenges Faced: Navigating the Uncharted Cultural transformation is often seen as a complex, multifaceted topic with multiple interpretations. Aligning diverse perspectives requires time and a structured, objective approach. Additionally, cultural change can unearth fears, making the establishment of Psychological Safety a critical component of success.

Client Highlights: What Worked Best Our client highlighted several aspects of the transformation journey that resonated with them:

  • Reflection and Collaboration: They appreciated the opportunity to step back and truly listen to each other. This fostered a climate of openness and mutual understanding.

  • Concrete Action Planning: The translation of the cultural model into a concrete action plan provided a clear roadmap for executing the transformation.

  • Timely Follow-Ups: The structure of the program, which allowed time for reflection and implementation between sessions, coupled with regular follow-ups, contributed to the success.

Our Takeaway: A Journey Worth Celebrating From our perspective, this journey was an enriching experience. We valued:

  • Collaborative Vision: Partnering with our client to envision transformation at all levels of the organization was both inspiring and fulfilling.

  • Adaptive Approach: Adapting our program to address evolving needs while remaining committed to achieving business objectives was a key factor in our success.

  • Long-Term Focus: We found immense satisfaction in working toward long-term objectives and driving sustainable change.

The Outcome: A Culture United The culmination of our efforts was the creation of a leadership team united by a shared objective. A clear communication framework was established to ensure the new culture's effective propagation throughout the organization.


What Lies Ahead As we wrap up this transformative journey, our client is now charting a course for the future. Their path involves cascading culture communication and translating the cultural model into behaviors and actions at every level of the organization.

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