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Get Ahead
if not now, then when?

At Get Ahead Leadership, we're dedicated to helping leaders, managers, and organisations thrive in today's rapidly changing  landscape. 

As an international coaching and HR consultancy company, we provide the tools and guidance you need to be future-ready.

We want to inspire the leadership of tomorrow. We work with leaders and organisations to help them achieve transformation and growth in an impactful, sustainable, and successful way.

Our coaching and our consulting solutions are designed from looking ahead.

Our clients' future is at the heart of everything we do.  


We understand the challenges you face, in employee engagement & retention, in building a diverse & inclusive workforce. 

We know that a collaborative mindset is fundamental to innovation but not easy to adopt by people.

We recognise that a deep transformation must take place to create learning organisations with new expectations of knowledge transfer.


We are navigating testing times. How you own your future while managing business today, starts now. Starts here. 


At Get Ahead Leadership, we believe in the power of focusing on the future to unlock the potential of the present. 

As we look ahead, we recognise the importance of taking a holistic approach that considers societal, technological, and environmental perspectives, in addition to economic and human forces. With this in mind, we design solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.


Our team brings over 15 years of experience in supporting people and organisations worldwide. We pride ourselves on our partnership mindset, global business expertise, and innovative approach to coaching. We offer our clients diverse perspectives and work collaboratively to help them conceive their future.


Based in both London and Singapore, our team is well-positioned to serve clients across Europe and Asia. 

Why Us?

Aude Beneton


Meet Aude, an Executive Coach & Human Capital Consultant, who is passionate about supporting organisations on their transformation journey to ensure their talents are equipped for the future. Aude has helped numerous organisations navigate complex transitions and emerge stronger. She is dedicated to supporting organisations in Europe and Asia on their transformation journeys. With Aude as a coach, you can expect a collaborative partnership that empowers leaders in your organisation to achieve their full potential. 

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Aude Beneton Leadership Development
Helene Bertoneche Executive Coach.jpeg

Hélène Bertoneche


Meet Hélène, an executive coach who supports professionals through complex career transitions and guides organisations through change management initiatives. With her extensive international background, having lived in 12 cities around the world, Hélène brings a fresh & unique perspective to her coaching practice.

Drawing on her background as a marketer, Hélène has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the business landscape. She helps organisations in Asia unlock the full potential of their talents, preparing them to thrive both now and in the future.

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We offer both face-to-face and virtual services to cater to our clients' needs, regardless of their location around the world.



Aude Beneton

Hélène Bertoneche

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