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Shaping a 10-Year HR Strategy

A transformative journey with the APAC hub of a global leading retailer.


The Challenge

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, our Client, a prominent industry leader, faced a critical imperative: to chart a comprehensive 10-year HR strategy roadmap.

This roadmap needed to transcend the limitations of the current HR reality and strategy. It required not only identifying emerging market trends and screening forecasts but also crafting a visionary blueprint.


How we went about?

  • Beginning with the Future in Mind: Our journey commenced with a forward-looking perspective. We kept our gaze fixed on the horizon. We knew that to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry, we had to build a HR strategy that was future-proofed to meet the demands of tomorrow and after tomorrow.

  • Leveraging Existing Models: . To structure our thought process, we harnessed the wisdom of existing models. These models provided us with a solid foundation, which we could then enhance and customise to meet our Client's unique requirements.

  • An Unconventional and Visionary Approach: Innovation was at the heart of our strategy. We knew that to break free from the conventional and pave the way for a visionary HR approach, we needed to think outside the box. We encouraged audacious ideas and daring solutions. It's this spirit of unconventionality that allowed us to challenge the status quo and create a strategy that was truly transformational.

  • Drawing Inspiration from Unexpected Sources: In our pursuit of fresh perspectives and creative HR strategies, we ventured into uncharted territory. One unexpected source of inspiration? NASA. By examining the practices and methodologies used by NASA, an organization at the forefront of innovation, we were able to inject boldness and creativity into the HR strategy.


The Result

Our journey culminated in a bold 10-year HR strategy that positions our Client to thrive in a future where work trends are rapidly evolving. This strategy empowers HR teams to become agile architects of change, guiding the organization through the dynamic landscape of the future of work.

  • Sustainability in Times of Change: The 10-year HR strategy is not a static plan but a dynamic roadmap that offers resilience in the face of change. This sustainability ensures that our Client is prepared to navigate uncertainties and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Fostering Talent and Innovation: Central to our strategy is the cultivation of talent and the nurturing of a culture of innovation. We've designed the HR framework to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Moreover, the strategy promotes a mindset of continuous learning and innovation, fostering an environment where employees can thrive and contribute their best.

  • Enhanced Adaptability: The future of work is marked by rapid shifts, and our strategy equips HR teams with the tools to respond swiftly and effectively to change. It's designed to be adaptable, ensuring that our Client stays ahead in a competitive landscape where adaptability is the cornerstone of success.

  • Global Perspective: With our diverse approach that embraced professionals from various roles, backgrounds, ages, and cultures, our strategy offers a global perspective. It considers the nuances of a global workforce, making it a valuable asset in an interconnected world.

  • Human-Centric Approach: While navigating the complexities of the future, it's essential to keep the human element at the forefront. Our strategy is rooted in a human-centric approach, ensuring that HR practices resonate with employees and contribute to their well-being.

This challenge wasn't just about formulating a strategy; it also required a shift of paradigm and a change in mindset for our client.


The Next Steps

  • Our Client’s Path:

With the 10-year HR strategy in hand, our client embarked on a journey of transformation. They began translating the visionary roadmap into tangible HR initiatives. These initiatives spanned a spectrum of crucial areas within the organization, from recruitment and training to talent retention and development. The focus was not only on nurturing HR competencies but also on aligning them with the strategic vision.

  • Get Ahead Leadership's Journey

Our mission didn't conclude with the delivery of the 10-year HR strategy; it marked the beginning of a parallel expedition. Our team recognised the need for continuous learning and adaptation. In response to this, we embarked on a series of conferences and workshops aimed at honing future-focused skills for HR professionals. These events brought together HR practitioners to delve deeper into competencies that will drive success in a dynamic and uncertain business landscape.

By investing in these conferences, we reinforced our commitment to staying at the forefront of HR innovation and best practices. We remain dedicated to nurturing a community of HR professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the future of work effectively.


What our Client Liked the Most

  • Our Structured Approach: Navigating a 10-year HR strategy is no small feat, and our meticulous planning and systematic execution provided a sense of security and reliability to our Client. We took a complex and long-term vision and broke it down into manageable steps, ensuring clarity and alignment at every stage. This structured approach not only eased the transition but also instilled confidence in our Client's team, reassuring them that the journey was achievable.

  • Innovative Models: One aspect that particularly impressed our Client was the inspiration we got from innovative models. We did not settle for traditional HR practices but explored innovative models used successfully in diverse sectors. By doing so, we were able to infuse our HR strategy with fresh ideas and unconventional solutions.

  • Pushing the Boundaries: Our Client appreciated our readiness to push the limits of what can be done and to challenge their though-process. A 10-year HR strategy must stretch beyond the ordinary, reaching for new horizons. By challenging the status quo and encouraging audacious thinking, we paved the way for innovative solutions that went beyond industry norms.

What We Loved the Most About This Mission

  • Co-Creating the Strategy: We firmly believe that meaningful transformation is a collaborative effort, and we embarked on this journey hand in hand with our Client. Together, we navigated uncharted waters, making decisions collectively and shaping the future of HR. This shared ownership of the strategy not only strengthened the partnership but also ensured that the final outcome was a product of collective wisdom and innovative thinking.

  • Richness of Diversity: We had the privilege of interviewing a diverse crowd, encompassing professionals from various roles, backgrounds, ages, and cultures. This diversity brought a tapestry of insights, allowing us to see the strategy from different angles. It broadened our understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Client's global landscape and enabled us to tailor the strategy to be inclusive and adaptive. The richness of this diversity was a source of inspiration throughout the mission.

  • Cultivating Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Disruptive thinking is the catalyst for innovation, and we were dedicated to cultivating an out-of-the-box, disruptive mindset throughout the mission. Our client's openness to challenge the status quo and explore unconventional avenues for HR transformation was invigorating. We nurtured an environment where audacious ideas were not only welcomed but encouraged.



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